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Desktop Toys 1

desktop toys 1

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Dinky Toys Captain Scarlet Maximum Security Vehicle (MSV) No. 105 - 1 of 3

Dinky Toys Captain Scarlet Maximum Security Vehicle (MSV) No. 105 - 1 of 3

These are die-cast models of mine by Dinky Toys which I'll be restoring. The road Is a diorama I made from cardboard with sand paper on It to resemble a road surface, the barrier Is a strip of cardboard and the lines that run along It was made from headless matchsticks, the ones you can buy from hobby and model shops In bags, I then painted the barrier with emulsion paints. The sky Is an Image of mine, I took the snap shot of this winter sky a little while ago, I thought It went well with this. I really like the way It's turned out, so relaxing to look at, I love many of the winter scenes you can capture, some beautiful sky and colours. This Is great as desktop wallpaper.



The 9th Empire State Handgunner (left) looks cartoon-ish in comparison with the 8th (middle). I prefer the more realistic paint scheme of the 8th. What do you think?

desktop toys 1

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