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Steiff Stuffed Toys

steiff stuffed toys

  • filled with something; "a stuffed turkey"

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  • Steiff may refer to: * Margarete Steiff * Richard Steiff

  • (toy) plaything: an artifact designed to be played with

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  • (toy) a nonfunctional replica of something else (frequently used as a modifier); "a toy stove"

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At the Steiff Store / Im Steiff Werksverkauf

At the Steiff Store / Im Steiff Werksverkauf

As we where near Giengen in the weekend and we got a newborn grandniece, so I strongly felt we need to have a look and get a little something for the baby at the cult toy company... / Nachdem wir nun die Woche ein neues Grossnichtchen dazu gekriegt haben und wir sehr nahe bei Giengen waren, dachte ich mir, wir mussen mal in den kultigsten Stofftierladen Deutschlands, um die Storchengabe (oder zumindest einen Teil davon) dort zu besorgen.

Animal Toyland

Animal Toyland

Cover scan of a vintage fold-out board book with the sweetest illustrations of stuffed children's toys. The animals look like they were modeled from Steiff stuffed animals, which seems likely, as the book was published in Germany

steiff stuffed toys

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