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Retro Riding Toys

retro riding toys

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Tricycle Terror

Tricycle Terror

Tricycle Terror might as well be the tough, tomboy cousin of Red Hot Riding Hood from classic Tex Avery cartoons. And it's no wonder. Her creator Scott Tolleson has spent over a decade in-house as a Disney artist, drawing from a range of influences that include everything from classic pin up art by Gil Elvgren to masterful character design by Ward Kimball.

I was determined to capture the Tricycle Terror in a scene reminiscent of her cartoon heritage. For as wacky as classic animation can be, a dark edge and sense of peril is often a central theme. It's setup for the real laughs that come from seeing how characters humorously outsmart their pursuers. Tricycle Terror is seen mid-story, in the tension build up to whatever comes next.

Thanks and credit go to Scott Tolleson who played the role of "Angry Man in Pursuit" and Stan Freese for the use of his cherry '62 Corvette. Despite intense heat from the summer-baked asphalt, the shoot was an absolute blast.



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retro riding toys

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